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Perfectly smooth surface

Forget about crude stepping left by cheap 3D printers. Our technology allows making surface that smooth, that you can see steps only under magnification. This technology is perfect for high-quality models and prototyping.

Attention to small parts

Our hardware of highest quality and experience allow us using small and complicated parts confidently. These will be created perfectly with all the nuances and indisputable quality.

Everything for your comfort

You can make your order, pay and track its progress online knowing, that your model is in the hands of experienced specialists that know how to work with both creating models and using them in the industry.

Highest precision

Resolution of our hardware makes 32 microns on X&Y axes and 15-50 microns on Z axis. Minimal thickness of model walls is only 0.1 mm and maximal volume makes 84x63x240mm. This complete volume will be used to create models of maximal quality even for the smallest parts.

Why use 3D printing?

Creating full industrial printing line on factories costs a lot, especially, when we talk about single-time productions. It is not very profitable to create industrial lines to make a single miniature or a car model.

And then 3D printers came into play and made things change. Printers allowed precise prototyping and small-series productions available for relatively low costs.

Most of the available devices allow only crude and low-quality printing, which cannot suit professionals. No one needs angular models or square wheels.

Of course, there are high-quality devices, but buying high-end printer may cost you tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. There aren’t many who can give out this kind of money just to make single prototype or limited series.

minis3D – easy answer on your questions

When you are in this kind of situation – it is wise to contact people, who have high-quality equipment, know how to use it properly and understand the working process with the different and most complex models and projects.

Here at minis3D we have both the equipment and experience.

We use Perfactory Mini III Multi Lens printer, which provides unsurpassed quality of the printing and the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability.

In other words, our device won’t only print your model perfectly. It will do it many times without any problems.

Our employees are experienced 3D modelers, who understand the feeling of holding a freshly printed object that took a lot time to create on the screen. They understand all the rules.

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Why choose us?

Best quality ever, only thing we do is support removal and parts are ready for use in our production.

In what cases our services are for you?

You should upload your model right now if you:

  • Wish to get a model of the highest quality
  • You are a professional who respects his own work
  • You wish the best for your project
  • You need a single model or small quantities
  • You know exactly how your model should look like in the real world
  • You appreciate your own time and money

In what cases our services are NOT for you?

We will have to part our ways if you look for:

  • Way to print your model in a couple of hours and for a very low price
  • Low-quality printing
  • Large quantities and serial production

Are you still here? It is time to evaluate the price of your model! Upload it right now!

Only here you will get maximum quality models, individual approach, reasonable prices and full satisfaction from complete work.

If you have any question regarding our services, quality and printing technology, prices or any other ambiguities, we offer you to look through our website www.minis3D.com, and contact us by e-mail: info@minis3D.com.

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